Add Product

To add a new product to your Montana’s Marketplace online store, click “Add a Product” from the Products page of your Seller Dashboard.

Add Product

Product Set-Up – General Information

Product General Information

On the new product page, provide the general product information including:

1. Title – Provide the name of your product. It will be displayed under the product image on your store and MarketPlace pages.

2. Product Images – Sellers should upload at least 1 clear product photo for each product. The Product Cover image is the main image used for display on the shop, in search results, and for product recommendations. Multiple product images may be added to the product gallery to further assist customers.

Products without a Product Cover Image will be set to Draft mode and will not be visibile on the store until an image is added.

3. Price – Set the price of the product. You may also set discounted pricing. To schedule a date range for the discount price, check the “Schedule Discounted Price” box and select the dates.

4. Category – Choose the relevent MarketPlace categories to list your product under. Select one or more relevant product categories for your product.

5. Tags  – Enter relevant product description tags for your product. Sellers can choose from pre-entered product tags or enter their own. For example, if the category is “Books”, you might use the tag “Fiction”.

Product Set-Up – Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Enter a short product description for your product in the Short Description section. The Short Description appears next to the product image on the listing page and should provide a brief overview of the product.

The Description field should be used to provide a longer, complete description for your product. Sellers should use relevant keywords when describing their product to increase online search visibility. The long description appears beneath the product imagery.

Sellers should provide both a short and long product description.

Product Set-Up – Inventory & Variants

Product Inventory & Variants

Montana’s MarketPlace Sellers can assign SKUs and enable online stock management for each product.

SKU – Assign a SKU to keep track of your products on an item level.

Stock Management – If you have limited product quantity available, or would like to manage product stock, mark the “Enable product stock management” box.

Product Stock Management

Enter the quantity of products available and the current Stock Status. Sellers may also select whether they would like to accept Backorders.

Quantity Limit – If you would like limit customers to purchasing just one quantity of a product in an order, select the “Allow only one quantity…” option.

Downloadable Product – Sellers offering downloadable products should mark the “This is a downloadable product” box to display options for adding the downloadable items for sale. Enter the name the full URL to the downloadable file. Sellers may add multiple downloadable files.

Downloadable Product

Sellers may optionally set a limited of downloads for the customer. Once the customer hits the limit, they will no longer be able to download the file.

Sellers may also optionally set a Download expiry. After the number of days entered, the download links will expire.

NOTE: Any changes to product files – whether changing the uploaded file or adding a new fie – will reset the download expiry and limit.

Product Set-Up Options & Variable Products

If you are listing a product that has multiple options, such as size or color, you may optionally set a unique SKU, price, and manage inventory for each option.

To create options for a product, select the “This product has multiple options” box.

Product Options

In the window that appears, enter the Option Name (ex: Size or Color) and the Option Values for each option. Each product option will appear as a drop down window on the product listing page to allow customers to choose their product options.

Product Options Dropdown

To set a unique SKU, pricing, and to manage inventory for each product option, mark the “Create variation using those attribute options” check box.

Product Variants

In the window that appears you can enter in the pricing and SKUs for each variant. Read the Variable Products guide for the final steps required to set-up products with multiple options (aka variable products,) adding new product images for each option, and setting inventory on a variant level.

Product Set-Up – Shipping

Product Shipping & Tax

Products will automatically use the Seller’s default Store Shipping settings. To disable shipping on a product – such as for downloadable or virtual products – or to use Local Pick-up, un-check the “This product required shipping” box.

Sellers can also override the default shipping cost for a product by checking the “Override default shipping cost…” check box. Read the Override Default Store Shipping Prices on a Product for additional instructions on setting product-specific shipping.

Product Set-Up – Other Options

Product Other Options

Sellers can specify their product’s visibility in the Marketplace. Selecting “Catalog or Search” will display your product on relevant searches or categories. Selecting “Catalog”, “Search”, or “Hidden” will limit how customers can view the product or hide it completely.

Information entered in the Purchase Note section will automatically be added to Order confirmation emails for product purchases.

Sellers may enable product reviews on the product by marking the “Enable product reviews” check box. Reviews can only be left by verified purchases of your product.

Hit theSave Product button to save your new product.

NOTE – The first product added to your store will require approval by Montana’s MarketPlace Admin.  After the first product has been approved, all of the following products will be automatically published when the Seller submits them to the store.

We place the first order on hold, giving Montana’s MarketPlace the opportunity to confirm the Seller Store has been setup properly.