Can I Install My MarketPlace Store on My Own Website

Sellers can provide their customers with easy access to their MarketPlace store by linking to their MarketPlace stores or embedding the store on their current website. MarketPlace sellers can easily embed their store using iframe code. How to Install an iframe To install your Montana’s MarketPlace store on your website, create a new page on […]

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Shipping Options for Sellers

Montana’s MarketPlace Sellers can use their current shipping provider to set shipping rates and policies for their online store. If you don’t currently have a shipping provider, here are a couple of shipping options to allow you to ship your store products: USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping USPS offers Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping prices that […]

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Free Shipping

How to Set Free Shipping for a Product

Sellers who have store shipping enabled can set free shipping for specific products. To set your product for free shipping, navigate to the Product Edit screen by clicking on Products, then Edit from your Dashboard. Scroll down to the Shipping section and mark the “Override default shipping cost for this product” check box. This will display […]

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Manage Orders

How do I know when I have an Order?

Montana’s MarketPlace sellers will automatically receive an email notification when an order has been placed. Seller’s can also view current orders from their Seller Dashboard. To manage and view all orders, click the Orders Menu. This will display a list of all store orders and their current status.

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Preview Products

How do I Preview a Product?

Sellers can preview their products before publishing them to the MarketPlace. To preview a product, visit the Product Set-up Page and scroll down to the Other Options section. Set the Product Status to Online and select Hidden from the Visibility dropdown. Sellers will be able to preview the product, but it will not appear on the MarketPlace. To make the product appear on […]

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How to Show More Products per Page

Sellers can control the number of products displayed on each page of their store. To change the number or products on your store pages, visit your Seller Dashboard and click on Settings. Under Store Products Per Page enter the number or products you would like to show. We recommend at least 12 products per page, or any number […]

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Vacation Mode Settings

How to Enable/Disable Seller Vacation Mode

If you are going on vacation, or if there is an extended period of time where you will be unable to accept or process orders, you can set your store to “Go to Vacation” under your store Settings Page. Visit your Seller Dashboard and click on Settings. Scroll down to the Vacation settings. Check the box to turn Vacation […]

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Store SEO Settings

Montana’s MarketPlace Sellers are able to set SEO settings for their online store. The settings on your Store SEO Settings page are used by search engines and social media networks to determine how your site is displayed when shared or viewed in search results. What is SEO? Short for “Search Engine Optimization”, SEO describes the process […]

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How do I Publish a Product?

By default, a Seller’s first product is automatically set to “Pending” and will be reviewed by MarketPlace staff. After confirming the store has provided the required Seller information, the product will be published to the MarketPlace. All subsequent products can be set to Online by the Seller. When creating or editing a product, you can select […]

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Seller Guide: Getting Started

Montana’s MarketPlace Sellers have access to a variety of tools and features to build their custom online store. Once approved, Sellers have immediate access to set-up their shop. This Seller Guide provides a brief Getting Started guide for sellers: Log-in to your Seller Dashboard (See an Overview of the Seller Dashboard) Provide your PayPal and […]

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