Setting up PayPal and Stripe (Required) -Free to Setup

All Sellers are required to have a PayPal and Stripe account to sell products on Montana’s MarketPlace.  If you do not have a PayPal account, create one by clicking here.  If you do not have a Stripe account, create one by visiting here. Why do I need a Paypal and Stripe Account? PayPal – Sellers will receive […]

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Variant Product

Variable Products (Products with Multiple Options)

Variable Products allow Sellers to offer a set of variations on a product with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation. Variable Products can be used for a product like a shirt where you can offer a large t-shirt vs a small t-shirt. Variable Products are made using Attributes set when you added the product. […]

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Add Product

Adding Products

To add a new product to your Montana’s Marketplace online store, click “Add a Product” from the Products page of your Seller Dashboard. Product Set-Up – General Information On the new product page, provide the general product information including: 1. Title – Provide the name of your product. It will be displayed under the product image on […]

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Override Default Shipping

Override Default Store Shipping Prices on a Product

To modify a product’s shipping price, or to add additional shipping costs to a product, navigate to the Product Edit screen by clicking on Products, then Edit from your Dashboard. Scroll down to the shipping section and mark the “Override default shipping cost for this product” box. This will display additional shipping costs that can […]

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Store Shipping set-up

Set-Up Store Shipping

Montana’s MarketPlace Sellers are responsible for shipping their orders. Each Seller can set default shipping prices for their store, as well as set customized shipping options per products. Sellers can access their Store Shipping settings from their Seller Dashboard, under Settings. Shipping Settings Enable Shipping If you will be shipping products to customers, and would […]

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Sales Report Overvew

Sales Reports

Overview Sellers can access Sales Reports to get an overview and detailed reports of store revenue and sales, performance by day, and top selling products. Sales by Day To view sales for a specific day or to track sales trends over a given time period, run a Sales by Day report. Use the calendar date […]

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Seller Dashboard Sales Overview

Seller Dashboard Overview

Profile Progress Bar Providing information about your store helps boost customer confidence. The Profile Progress bar at the top of the page lets Sellers know their profile progress and suggests information to add. Quick Stats The Dashboard Quick Stats provides an at-a-glance overview of your store page views, total sales and earnings. Order Stats Get a quick view […]

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Seller Dashboard Order Notes

Managing Orders

Order Notifications Montana MarketPlace Sellers receive email notifications for every store order received. Viewing Your Orders Seller store orders can be viewed from the Orders page on the Seller Dashboard. Review the oorder number, order total amount, order status, customer details, order date and order actions. Click on an Order Number to manage or update an […]

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