Seller Dashboard Order Notes

Order Notifications

Montana MarketPlace Sellers receive email notifications for every store order received.

Viewing Your Orders

Seller store orders can be viewed from the Orders page on the Seller Dashboard. Review the oorder number, order total amount, order status, customer details, order date and order actions. Click on an Order Number to manage or update an order.

Seller Dashboard - Orders

Order Status

Quickly view the status of an order from your Orders page. To change a status or complete an order, click the appropriate Action button.

Seller Dashboard Order Status

Order Notes

Use order notes to send your customer a note or update about their order. Customers will receive an e-email notification when a note is added to their order. Sellers may also add a private note, which is not visible to the customer. View the Order Notes for an order by click on the Order Number.


Seller Dashboard Order Notes