Seller Dashboard Sales Overview

Profile Progress Bar

Providing information about your store helps boost customer confidence. The Profile Progress bar at the top of the page lets Sellers know their profile progress and suggests information to add.

Seller Dashboard Profile Progress

Quick Stats

The Dashboard Quick Stats provides an at-a-glance overview of your store page views, total sales and earnings.

Dashboard Quick Stats

Order Stats

Get a quick view of your total orders by status.

Seller Dashboard Order Stats

Sales Overview

The Sales chart provides a selling chart of total items sold and total orders by date.

Seller Dashboard Sales Overview

Product Glance

In the Product Glance section of the Seller Dashboard, Sellers can quickly see the the total number of products and the products status in their online stores. Hit the “Add Product” button to quickly add a new product from your dashboard.

Seller Dashboard Products


Quickly review and edit your Seller Product reviews from the Dashboard Reviews window.

Seller Dashboard Reviews

MarketPlace Announcements

Stay up-to-date on the latest Montana’s MarketPlace news. Visit your dashboard to view  messages for our Sellers. Click on the Announcement to read the full post.

Seller Dashboard Announcements