Store Shipping set-up

Montana’s MarketPlace Sellers are responsible for shipping their orders. Each Seller can set default shipping prices for their store, as well as set customized shipping options per products.

Sellers can access their Store Shipping settings from their Seller Dashboard, under Settings.

Store Settings

Shipping Settings

Store Shipping set-up

Enable Shipping

If you will be shipping products to customers, and would like to charge for shipping, you must mark the “Enable shipping functionality” option. Stores that only offer Local Pick-up options should leave this unchecked.

Default Shipping Price

Enter a default shipping price to automatically set a shipping cost for each product. This is the base shipping price for all products in your store. Additional shipping costs can be added on a per product basis.

For Sellers with shipping enabled, you can set select products for Local Pick-up by unchecking “This product required shipping” on the Product set-up page.

Per Product Additional Price

Sellers can set a default Per Product Additional Price to charge and additional fee if a customer purchase more than one product from your store. This fee does not apply to multiple quantities of the same product.

Per Quantity Additional Price

Additional fees can be charged if more than one unit of a your product is purchased in an order by setting the Per Quantity Additional Price.

Processing Time

Sellers can provide information about typical order processing times.

Shipping Policy

A shipping policy is required for all sellers. This policy should provide clear information about your shipping policy, delivery methods and times, and fees.

Refund Policy

A refund policy is required for all sellers. Please provide clear instructions on refund requirements, time frames, and steps for requesting a refund. We encourage Sellers to leverage the Store Support Messaging system for easy tracking and replies.

Ships From

Select the country you are shipping from. Montana’s MarketPlace currently allows vendors based in the United States only.

Ship to

Use the Ship To section to set special shipping costs based on location. IMPORTANT: You must select at least United States (US) for customers to be able to purchase your products. Set the Cost to “0” to use your default shipping costs.

Ship to US

If you have different shipping rates for different countries or states, you can add different shipping costs based on location. Select a country to reveal a dropdown to set state-based shipping costs. Multiple location-based shipping costs can be created by selecting the “Add Location” button.

Ship to


Hit the Save Settings button to save all Shipping settings.