Montana’s MarketPlace Sellers can use their current shipping provider to set shipping rates and policies for their online store.

If you don’t currently have a shipping provider, here are a couple of shipping options to allow you to ship your store products:

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping

USPS offers Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping prices that do not vary by weight. If it fits in the Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping envelope or box, it ships for a flat fee. USPS Flat Rate Box shipping prices start at $5.75 for small boxes.

Boxes can be ordered and delivered to your home/business for free from USPS here. is a monthly fee based service ($15.99/month) that provides discounted shipping rates for a variety of shipping providers (USPS, UPS, etc.)  To use for your shipping needs use this code to sign up, C-D6NR-QK5, and receive get a $100 offer which includes a digital scale and $45 in postage.

After determining your shipping provider, make sure you update your store shipping settings to reflect your shipping costs.