Variant Product

Variable Products allow Sellers to offer a set of variations on a product with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation. Variable Products can be used for a product like a shirt where you can offer a large t-shirt vs a small t-shirt.

Variable Products are made using Attributes set when you added the product.

Product Options

After saving your new Variable Product, you will automatically be redirected to the Edit Product page to complete your Variable Product Set-Up.

Under the Inventory & Variants section, there will be new product options for each of your product variations. Use this window to upload images, set the price and SKU for each variation. Click the Pencil icon to set additional variatn information, such sales prices and inventory control.

Product Variations

A pop-up window will appear with additional product details. Select the product variation you are customizing using the dropdown, then set your custom pricing, sales prices and additional information.

Variant Product

To disable shipping on a product variant, mark the “Virtual” check box.

Enable stock management on a variation by marking the “Manage Stock?” check box.

After entering your customizations, hit the Save button to save that variation’s product settings.

Sellers can set custom pricing, images, etc. for each variation of their product.

NOTE – The first product added to your store will require approval by Montana’s MarketPlace Admin.  After the first product has been approved, all of the following products will be automatically published when the Seller submits them to the store.

We place the first order on hold, giving Montana’s MarketPlace the opportunity to confirm the Seller Store has been setup properly.